The Defined Level or Level 3 is among the five identified maturity levels in CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration). CMMI is a process improvement approach, which currently being widely adopted by many companies. Basically, this approach enables an organization to better the production and delivery of its products and services for valued and potential customers through an initial progressive improvement of the organization’s involved functions and processes. Implementation of CMMI involves the use of relevant CMMI models as guidelines and basis for achieving the organization’s process improvements efforts. These models are mainly published documents on the many best practices in CMMI. Each model deals with various areas or subjects of interest.

For an organization to reach Level 3, it must first have successfully achieved the requirements or criteria for both Levels 1 and 2. CMMI Level 3 involves characterizing and understanding of the organization’s processes, which are depicted in procedures, standards, and methods, and tools. Evidently, it is the organization’s set of standard processes that serve as the foundation in establishing consistency among standard processes across the organization. Thus, all projects that are then being carried out by the organization will have to tailor their determined processes in accordance to some tailoring procedures. Likewise, management of the organization will have to launch or perhaps redefine process objectives based on the organization’s array of standard processes. In a way, this ensures that the organization’s process objectives are aligned to its business objectives.

In general, Level 3 deals in obtaining a more detailed knowledge and understanding of the various interrelated organizational processes. Apparently, the gained wider and in-depth understanding of the interrelationships that exist among and across the various organizational processes is among the vital means to attaining an improved inclusive process, products and services.

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