The Drupal software contains numerous engines and modules which bear functions relevant towards attaining simplified and easy works to be performed.  The pathauto is one part of the Drupal module that automatically generate an alias for the path designed for every node that uses the Drupal system, for every system user, and the intricate terms of category that are being used.  This auto generated aliases are useful and functional in entirely eliminating the need for these aliases to be manually created and generated.  As a result of this easy and simplified work, the site then becomes a lot user friendly on top of that it also becomes search engine friendly which is an essential driven factor for a better page ranking.  

These automatically created aliases are far more descriptive in the content that it describes making the whole process a lot easier and efficient compared to having to do it manually.  These pathauto modules of the Drupal software come on various different default model and outline that are capable of providing an alias for blog users and owners, the system user, even the users of the taxonomies and vocabularies.  Core and focal types of contents like story, book, and page are also driven by aliases generated by Drupal.  

With the pathauto, it is not just about the automatic generation of the aliases, ostensibly, with the use of the autopath, you can actually do and perform the following:

a.    Create and file known system issues that are being experienced by the software.
b.    Read and decipher the known bugs that are affecting the system efficiency and functionality.
c.    Download and install the most up to date version of the Pathauto project page.  

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