Ubercart is a component of the open source environment of electronic commerce that is extensively integrated with the online store of the Drupal.  Drupal, the software made for web development and content management is also employing the open source environment.  

The Ubercart was potentially structured to take full utility on the central and essential core of the contributed component of the Drupal software which then allows the Ubercart application to provide its potential clients with a cart to shop function that is directly related to the other integral components of the website.  

The Drupal Ubercart is seemingly one of the efficiently combined applications that is geared towards building  a community for a product, offer access to contents which are for a fee, offer downloading of files that are essentially to be paid, and practically offer video upload and download that is premium.  The Drupal Ubercart has come into existence because the makers of the Drupal software have seen that there is an emerging need for selling and offering products and services from varied catalog forms; that there is an emerging need for selling and offering premium downloads of files such as mp3 files, video files, and software utilities; that there is a need for offering and selling access to some sites for either members or non-members of the website.

The Drupal Ubercart is primarily useful because of its strong design which permits both the third party and authorized and endorsed developers to practically modify the features of the website in order to have room for any e-commerce needs of the website.  

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