WordPress is an open source software that is capable of allowing its users to upload basically everything that they want to upload – text, image, videos, graphics, or combination of all these – into their own web log.  This is the reason why WordPress makers are ensuring that its users have always a better way of doing the upload process.  

From time to time, WordPress evaluates all its plug-in files to make sure that every plug-in is still capable of performing its designed functionality.  One of the recently modified and added plug-in files in the WordPress directory is the flexible upload plug-in.  This plug-in was designed for Wordoress to make sure that it has an extensive capability and functionality in terms of uploading files.  Below are some of the features that made it very well-loved by many web loggers:

a.    The plug-in has the capability to automatically perform the resizing of the picture or crop the picture or image at once during the upload.  
b.    The plug-in has the capability to make a thumbnail of the image based on the user’s desired picture size.
c.    The plug-in has the capability to watermark any uploaded picture.  This is one incredible feature of WordPress.  
d.    The plug-in has the capability to format the alignment of the picture on your web log.  It can actually align the picture to your left, right, or in the middle.  
e.    The plug-in has the capability to provide caption for the picture.  The captions are the texts that are used to describe the picture that is being uploaded.  

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