In general, a system is a group of elements or sub-systems that work together as a group to achieve a common objective or goal. A body of knowledge on the other hand, is a bit of information that allows you to understand and comprehend an existing phenomenon. Management as a concept and as a discipline is the process of planning, organizing, and systematically arranging all received information to become meaningful and functional. A knowledge Management System then is a perceived concept on how one can manage the knowledge (comprises of data and information) in an organization to be able to support the process of transforming pieces of data into a meaningful information, how to properly perform the dissemination of the same, perform capabilities such as storing the data and be able to retrieve them when needed.

The whole concept of a knowledge management system is to empower its user in the manipulation and access of any information that they need. In essence, the use of the knowledge management system works on both the user and the organization. It allows primarily for the user to have an easy access and use of information. This in return becomes beneficial to the company as highly credible information is being yielded at such a short given time frame. In addition to that, the presence of a knowledge management system can actually provide a map about how each entity in the organization communicates the information within the entirety of the company. This brings about an extra of security to every information that goes in and out within the four corners of a room.


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