Metadata process is itself a considered very powerful database management tool.   However, when you try to discover the potential powers of the metadata procedure, you will get amazed with how well these features and tools were built in order to simplify the whole process of managing a data or the database itself. 

One of the features that metadata possesses is the crosswalk metadata.  A crosswalk is a method that is used to simplify the mapping and locating data process.  The mapping is referenced towards locating the fields, labels, syntax, and semantics found on a metadata schema.  The mapping process, meaning the crosswalk metadata process happens by searching thru a matrix the data elements and semantics are located.  It can be from one metadata scheme or a composition of many metadata schemas.

In order for the crosswalk metadata process to be successful, the only pre-requisite is to have a clearly identified definitive parameters for the elements that are found on every metadata schema.  The crosswalk method is one of the widely used tools because it allows for the dynamic operability of the various metadata schemas.  This means that there can be a mapping process that can happen between or among metadata schemas. 

The crosswalk method accepts for the systems to be effectively converting metadata from one form of standard used in metadata into another form.  This dynamic method allows then for the collection of mixed and dynamic data to be mapped and searched using a single search method or a single query mechanism that is supposed to be working only for a single database. 


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