What is a new visitor?  How is one regarded as a new visitor?  Or when do we classify a visit a new visit?

The parameters of being a new visitor in the perspective of the web analytics software is somewhat vague and ambiguous knowing that the classification of the visit matters a lot in determining the impact of the web on the Internet industry.  However, for simplicity and clarity in use, the term new visitor shall be made based on the lexical definition given to it by the experts in the field and all aspects that bring issues on ambiguity and clarity shall first be disregarded.  

A new visitor is a visitor whose attempt to visit a website has not yet been made.  This means that a visitor who has not made any visit on the Internet is regarded a new visitor.  This seems to look very plain and easy to understand.  However, when we integrate the element of frequency and time, then it becomes a lot complicated. However, as has been set, the factors that can lead to discrepancies are being disregarded.

Potentially, a new visitor can become a major contributor towards attaining the best traffic rate.  When a website is able to capture the interest of this new visitor, what the website can do is to convert this new visitor into a repeated visitor bridging the possibility of having a constant generator of traffic for your site.  This is one of the techniques used by most of the web owner who are after having great amount of recorded traffic.  

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