In the onset of Internet Access and Websites, there exist a way in which sharing information was made easy.
This information is readily available to all those with computers and Internet Access.
Today even children are given computer lessons at school.
In the Certification Examinations, there are already many downloadable materials that offer for a fee.
There are also some that offer their materials for free of price.
The funny thing is that there are people, who claim as to have been helped by these free downloadable PMBOK.
They even swear that it helped them a lot with the Examinations and that they passed.
On the other hand, there are also numerous occasions, all coming from people, who have been disgruntled by how the free downloadable PMBOK were portrayed to help but did not.
Some even claimed to had been sent viruses, instead of the PMBOK.
But what matters most is that the people, who mean to download the materials should do well to inquire first of the safety of the product they are about to get.
This is not to say that all free downloadable PMBOK’s are worthless or even dangerous.
Some are, but this should not stop people from trying them out.
After all, they are for free.
In the term, mixed concerns, the users of the data should be able discern whether they should try to take the risk of using a free one in lieu of the one that comes with a price tag.
It is simply within the users’ responsibilities.  


The Project Management Body of Knowledge is an important guide to successfully pass
the Project Management certification. It is essential to help interested professionals in
enhancing their skills and providing them the concepts and standards of project
management. This includes the best practices and innovative methods to manage the

The PMBOK guide is the official book that provides the candidates a fundamental
reference. This guide cannot be considered to have all the comprehensive data needed in
project management. The PMBOK generally have the applicable and appropriate
practices in the industry. On the other hand, this does not mean that these practices are
consistently applied in each case. It is the responsibility of the project management team
to decide on the appropriate assessment to the project.

The PMBOK guide acts as the official source for anyone who wish to have a career in
project management. This guide also gives a comprehensive understanding on the basic
structures of project management. This document has nine different Project Management
Knowledge Areas such as Project Risk Management, Project Integration Management,
Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management,
Project Communications Management, Project Procurement Management, Project
Human Resource Management and Project Scope Management.

The International Organization for Standardization actually worked with PMI to create
the PMBOK guide. They also seek feedback from the project management experts and
representatives around the world to help improve and enhance the concepts, practices and
processes of the PMBOK guide. This will help project managers, practitioners and
students in updating their skills to cope with the progressing standards in the business


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