People are used to having a week ending or even a month ending report that they refer to. After these pieces of information have been gathered (either on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis) the leaders or the concerned people are then about to come up with a decision.  However, when the time comes that you need these pieces of information on the spot, how would you go about doing a decision with empty handed information?

The dilemma of having an analysis of data on a periodic mode makes it difficult for the decision maker to come up with a better and sound decision.  Apart from that, the periodic method makes the problem more aggravated because of the unavailability of data to manifest the real problem and how it can be possibly neutralized.  So, basing it from this experience, most web analytics companies have come on a resolution of providing a much better, a well improved and far more modernized ways in tracking and monitoring web activities so that immediate actions that are necessary are capable of being decided and performed.  

One of the very few pioneering software packages that initiated this method of collecting data is the Meta Traffic software.  This software is one of the more popular web analytics tools that is providing companies or web owners with live statistics of traffic.  This method allows you to determine which advertisements are successfully being converted into real buyers giving you more options then to decide matters concerning your ads.  

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