The dominating world of the web analytics is bounded by so many facets and sections.  There are a lot of areas that need to be learned and there are a lot of entities which need to be understood.  Apparently, because there are so many complex things that surround the web analytics arena, there are some confusions and disconnects that are being experienced.  One of the few things that become a point of confusion in making a web analysis is the session duration.  

Session duration is computed value of time derived from summing up all the time data that was attained over all the number of activities that have occurred.  This means that whenever a visitor gets inside the website, the amount of time he or she spends on the website shall be added together which will be divided into the number of times of recorded visits.  The resulting value then becomes the session duration. This is one of the methods used by web analytics in trying to analyze whether or not the website is creating an impact on the visitors.  This may be a very effective tool to some others but this kind of a computational basis has raised so many doubts and questions from various sources.  The point of disconnect happens and exists on the length and duration of the final page viewing that happened on the site.  According to some experts, the final viewing on the page generates more problems because of the bulk of cache files that are stored on the server making the session duration a lot lengthy.  

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