What is a Smart Grid?
What is a Smart Grid?
What is a Smart Grid?
What is a Smart Grid?
What is a Smart Grid?
What is a Smart Grid?
Smart Grid
Defining The Smart Grid
Strategic Focus Enabling the òSmart Grid’
Smart Grid Value Story

Anticipated Smart Grid Benefits*

Requirements for a Smart Grid
Self-Healing to correct problems early
Interactive with consumers and markets
Optimized to make best use of resources
Predictive to prevent emergencies
Distributed assets and information
Integrated to merge all critical information
More Secure from threats from all hazards
Smart Grid Building Blocks
Advanced Metering
Smart Meters (single phase & polyphase), 2-way communications, interface to enterprise applications
Distribution Automation
Fault Detection, Isolation, Restoration (FDIR), Integrated Volt/VAR management, including switch/cap controllers, switched capacitors & voltage regulator
Substation Automation/M&D
Substation controller and transformer monitoring and diagnostics
Distribution Operations
DMS/OMS software and interface to existing applications, control center digitization, and enterprise integration
Utility Enterprise Applications
Electric, Gas & Telecommunications utility geospatial based applications, DSM application, and advanced analytics & visualization
Systems Integration
Enterprise Service Bus with adapters to all building blocks

Smart Grid Architecture

ecomagination Smart Home
The Future Home
System Architecture -with Future Additions
Open Standard Based Architecture
Open Infrastructure Characteristics
Shareability – economies of scale, minimize duplication
Ubiquity – readily utilize infrastructure, anywhere
Integrity – high level of manageability and reliability
Ease of use – logical and consistent rules to use infrastructure
Cost effectiveness – value consistent with cost
Standards -define how basic elements interrelate
Openness -supports multiple uses & vendors, not proprietary
Secure -system must be protected
Scalable -low or high density areas, phased implementation

The IEC 61968-1 Interface Reference Model (IRM)
T&D SG Architecture -Data Management Foundation
T&D SG Architecture -Advanced Metering
T&D SG Architecture -Demand Side Management
T&D SG Architecture -Sub & Distribution Auto
T&D SG Architecture -Operations
T&D SG Architecture -Asset Management
GE Organization
GE’ s Smart Grid -a complete view
SG is not just AMI an Enterprise Solution
SG Architecture leveraging Open Standards
SG requires an end-to-end full security suite
SG will generate more demanding bandwidth/capacity

Smart Grid Delivers
Energy & Operational Efficiencies
Customer Satisfaction
Environmental Impact
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