Many computer enthusiasts and majority of computer wiz have the same behavioral pattern of installing more than one operating system on their PC.  This has more likelihood when the operating system that is installed on there is PC is the Ubuntu or the Linux.  Linux is a very powerful operating system however; there are just some things that are not realistically possible to be made with Linux and that is made possible with Windows. 

So, if these and all are possible, what then prevents other people from having it done?  What sort of difficulties are they bound to face?  Are there sort of limitations to it? 

In order for one to get the whole concept of having multiple installations of operating systems, one needs to have a VMWare Server Console.  A VMWare server console is necessary to make the various families of operating systems such as Linux family and the Windows generations, the clan of Solaris and practically the whole Novell Netware.  What is good with VmWare Server Console is that it allows for the 32 and 64 bit versions to easily work with the environment. 

The VmWare Server Console is a very powerful application that it allows for VMWare player and Virtual boxes to work with it.  Apart from the idea that the latter are essential to successfully run and execute multiple operating systems, the VMWare Console Server makes it easier for the installation process to progress.

A lot of people are not aware about the existence of this application. But having knowledge about this can really make your whole computing life very easy and bearable.

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