Each organization has its own set of rules to follow when it comes to the completion of a project. In an advertising company, for example, one account may prove to be more difficult to handle than others. So how would you define the leeway between a company’s individual set of rules to the general rules involved in project management when it comes to the completion of any type of task? Project quality management may just be the answer that you are looking for.

There are three basic principles involved with project quality management. First, to oversee the quality of a project, there should be an efficient way to handle complaints and fix problems. The second principle is maintaining the efficiency of the overall process by correcting the errors real time and checking on the outputs as they are produced. The third principle is more on prevention – where a set of steps for a particular process is followed to ensure that there is minimal or no mistake made at all. No matter which type of product or service your company offers, using these three principles for project quality management will help you improve the quality of output, minimize risks and mistakes during production and gain better control of the overall process. By using quality materials and following a quality-assured process, there will be uniformity with the outputs that you produce. All in all, the purpose of project quality management is to ensure that the end product will meet the requirements and ensure the quality of the output.

CCNA also known as Cisco Certified Network Associate, is a trainee level of networking certification. Cisco initiated the CCNA to identify the basic proficiency in computer networking, specifically in the support and set up of LAN/WAN networks. This also includes both IP and non- IP networks; AppleTalk and Novell IPX. Now if you want to acquire the CCNA, you need to pass the single certification exam. The Cisco Certified Network Associate exam actually contains 55- 65 questions that can be finished in 90 minutes. This will cost you around $125 (USD).

There are no prerequisites in taking this examination, you jut simply need to effectively study and prepare for this. You need to know and understand the basic switching and routing in connection with the network design, security and performance. Today, Cisco offers certifications that are more advanced like the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert and Cisco Certified Network Professional for those people who want to enhance their skills.
You don’t have to be hesitant in taking the test. You just have to carefully think about each question because your answers are considered final and you cannot change your answer once you have answered it. In fact, you can practice as often as you like so you can prepare and finish the exam on time. With good practice, you will be able to manage your time and make sure that you still have ample time to solve those theory and multiple choice questionnaires.
That is why preparation, training and skills are very important, so that it will be easier for you to identify the necessary key commands. Also Cisco Certified Network Associate signifies that you acquire an excellent foundation in understanding networking. With adequate exam tools and experience, you’ll surely have the edge to successfully pass the CCNA test.


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