What is Change Management

When things go wrong and  you want things corrected,
you think of ways of dealing the issue so as to avoid
recurrence.  Such solution may entail change in the
existing system or process that is being implememted
in a business environment.

Change Management is a management approach
 to change individuals, teams, organizations and
societies from the existing set up to a desired set
up in the future.  Change management may involve
change in a new business process and/or adoption
of new technology.  To have a successful change
management is to have the  cooperation of the people
 involved.  Change management aims to provide a
framework on how people should be managed when
change is implemented.  It is believe that to be
effective is to combine a change in organization
management tools and individual change management
tools.  Change management are taken by some as a
threat to a position that one is enjoying presently. 
Thus, most often there is resistance should change
management is to be implemented in an organization. 

In as much as employees are the most important
asset in a business organization, the impact of the
change should be considered by management.  The
change management shuld be able to look into the
behavior patterns, work processes, technological
requirements, and motivation of its people. 
Business organization must be able to assess what it’s
employees reactions are and be able to create ideas
of changing the program that will enable workers
to accept the new process as a result of change.

Change Management if implemented should be
disseminated throughout the organization, carefully
monitored to ensure effectiveness and  adjusted as

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