The Business Intelligence has a capability of giving a 360° picture of the business. This is a platform that allows the company s decision- makers to have the latest internal and external information that is consistent and easy to use. This refers to the technologies and systems that provide businesses with appropriate tools and backroom database. The data warehouse is considered as the central repository of the company s historical data. It is the corporate memory of the organization.

This also holds the raw materials meant for the management s decision support system. The data analyst can even perform difficult analysis and queries like for example data mining, on the information by not slowing down the company s operational systems. Business Intelligence is considered as a term that is typically associated with data warehouse. There are several tool vendors that place their products as business intelligence software than as data warehouse software. Business Intelligence provides information that is available for the enterprise to create appropriate decisions for the company.

A data warehouse system or also known as data mart is an infrastructural component in order to achieve business intelligence. The Business Intelligence contains insight gained from doing data mining analysis and unstructured data. Business Intelligence relies on data warehouse to create cost effective storing warehouse data.

Without proper data warehouse, the company won t be able to extract that data required in the information analysis to facilitate the decision making of the organization. The capability of Business Intelligence to get information has become very important in the past years because the decision making cycle in companies has been reduced. That is why data warehouse and business intelligence is important in order to give solution and make it easier for executives to manage the information.

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