ECDL stands for European Computer Driving License.  It is the top licensing and certification process for basic computer proficiency.  This certification is administered by the ECDL Foundation which gives out licenses and authorities to several bodies that can serve as training and testing centers.

Outside of Europe, this certification program is known as International Computer Driving License or ICDL.  More than 184 countries recognize ECDL as the premiere certification for basic computer applications.  There are also more than 22,000 testing centers spread throughout the world.  All these are recognized by the ECDL Foundation.

The ECDL course is composed of seven different skills modules.  These are the following:

Module 1 – Concepts of IT
Module 2 – Basic Computer Use and File Management
Module 3 – Word processing
Module 4 – Spreadsheets knowledge
Module 5 – Database management
Module 6 – Computer presentations
Module 7 – Information and Communication (Internet use and Emails)

The British Computer Society or BCS added a module called Unit E which covers Information Technology Use.  However, this additional module is applicable only in the United Kingdom.  In other countries the prescribed 7 modules studies of the ECDL Foundation is in effect.

To be able to get certification, ECDL candidates must enroll in a program provided by authorized training centers.  Although formal training is not compulsory, enrollment in the program is a prerequisite for the certification exam.  Candidates who can pass all 7 modules of ECDL with an average rating of 75% on each test will be awarded a License by the ECDL Foundation.  This is a badge of proficiency for basic computer applications that are being used at the workplace, homes, and society.

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