What is ECM?

Majority of people who are inclined with technology understands clearly what an ECM or Enterprise Content Management is all about and how it brings positive impact to any organization which employs it on their domain.  However, for the sake of common understanding, the discussion below will elaborately explain what ECM is all about and what it encompasses.

ECM or Enterprise Content Management is a technological principle and process that basically tries to capture data and information, store these captured data, preserve these pieces of data for future use, and potentially deliver these pieces of data and incorporate them onto the whole organizational processes.  

The Association for Information and Image Management clearly and accurately defined the terms Enterprise Content Management as the technology that captures, stores, preserves, manages, and deliver collected data and relevant information that directly impact the processes of the organization.   Further, ECM includes sort of tools and techniques that potentially allow the company management for some unstructured information in the organization wherever these pieces of unstructured information emanate.   

Moreover, it has been said that the technological components that the Enterprise Content Management possesses in this date are practically coming from the software products that the Electronic Document Management Systems or the EDMS used to have.  These technological components were first released in the late years of 1980 and the early days of the 1990s.  The technological components of the EDMS which became pattern to the now technological components of ECM were primarily designed to cover four essential areas of content management and these are the imaging area, the management of the documents, the creation of a workflow, and the Computer Output to Laser Disc or the COLD.

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