Enterprise Architect 7.0 is one of the latest enterprise architectural approaches available. To understand enterprise architect 7.0, a person must have a basic understanding first of the idea behind enterprise architecture.

What is enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture is the organizing logic on the linking of business strategy and technological investments. An individual or team who practices enterprise architecture is called an enterprise architect. Basically, the idea behind enterprise architecture is to be able to understand the current situation in a business or organization in terms of its structural components namely information, technology, business and applications. These shall then be linked with the strategy and goals of the business organization. The work process of the enterprise architect is to make compromises between the current situation and the ideal situation.

Why Use Enterprise Architect 7.0?

Since enterprise architecture is gaining popularity, there is an emerging approach to be able to capture complicated knowledge about organizations and technology. These architectural approaches use comprehensive modelling tools to analyze structural components.

Enterprise Architect 7.0 then is a tool using the latest Unified Modelling Language (UML) 2.1 specification. It boasts of several qualities such as the highly capable UML analysis and design tool, which is used in requirements gathering, analysis stage, designing models, testing and maintenance. It also has speed, stability and performance, which provide great advantages to building models of software systems consistently. It also provides end-to-end traceability, which means that the users can trace the process from requirements analysis, implementation and deployment.

Enterprise Architect will surely make the work of an enterprise architect easier and more transparent.

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