A system is group of related elements that are working together to achieve a common objective or goal.  The Enterprise Content Management is a system which primary objective is to make sure that there is an effective method of saving, delivering, managing, and capturing data beneficial to the organization.  

The Enterprise Content Management system is composed of a few elements vital with one another.  Below are the critical components that make up a whole Enterprise Content Management system:

a.    People.  Human resource is a vital component of any system.  It is the human resource which makes it possible for the whole system to practically function and work.  The human resource requirement is fundamentally simple.  These people basically need to have the aptitude to work with documents and have a better skill to understand the content of these documents.
b.    Process.  Every system requires an efficient process to follow.  The methodology involved in the whole system is what makes up the whole process. When the process is not created intelligently, even when you have skilled people to perform the process, everything else shall be useless and valueless.  
c.    Feedback.  The result of the process and the action of the human resource should be given the appropriate feedback.  It is through feedback that the system is able to enhance the system in a far better manner.  

These components of the Enterprise Content Management System are universally accepted.  They are globally being used as such are accepted and deemed correct and accurate by all types of possible revisions in the system.  

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