What is eTOM in relation to TOGAF?

Be sure your operation is building and maintaining highly effective cross functional relationships in a product focused organization.

Do you want feedback or advice on using eTOM?

Make headway so that your team provides objective feedback and advice to the sponsors and the change team.

Does the solution allow to access to the magnetometer or has it an API to create a compass?

Program and/or policy involvement in the financial inclusion, access to capital, and economic development fields.

Which research of eTOM are you using?

Lead Information Systems Analyst and/or VP of Technology in researching, planning, and implementing new technologies to improve member access and staff efficiency.

How can eTOM be practically applied in Ericsson Seamless Modeling?

Research and resolve issues, assisting in outlining enhancements and administering user access to the system.

What does it all have to do with Customer Relationship Management and eTOM?

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with stakeholders.

What will your organization betomorrow?

Provide guidance and oversight in the management of the vendor relationships, number of vendors providing products and services to organization.

Which version of eTOM are you using?

Establish and maintain a great working relationship w communication between the Onboarding, Performance Management, and Development teams.

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