The way people listen to music is affected by some factors such as the arrangement that was made in the music, the fusion of various musicalities, and the choices of music.  This means that podcasting just like any other form of music is capable of being influenced in order to result into a better quality.  

Below are some of the essential elements that bring good quality in a podcast:

a.    Well researched and well studied podcast. People have dynamic and diverse wants and needs.  Music has great influence on the way people are able to realize these needs and wants.  It is best that if you are engaged into doing your own podcast, you exert a little effort to research the best types of music to include on your podcasting and give it a little time to be re-assessed and evaluated.  
b.    Well tested.  A podcast that has a good quality is manifested on a well tested and well evaluated end results.  Before you actually have your podcast released in the market, all aspects of it like the quality of recorded songs based on synchronization and choice of music files that were fused together were tested.  Make sure that they have been properly run down and carefully assessed one by one.  
c.    Well blended.  Music is supposed to be a harmonious blending of voice, instruments, and techniques. When these three things were properly blended and mixed, there is no way that you can go wrong with your self-made podcast.  

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