The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is also known as the European Computer Driving License (ECDL).  Both are internationally recognized Information and Communication Technology and digital literacy certification program.   For certification outside Europe, the ICDL is used to refer a holder of having met the standard competency in computer knowledge and skills.  ICDL gets its support from the government, organizations and educational institutions.

Just like when you are license to drive a car, the ICDL is designed for those who can drive a computer.  The ICDL becomes an essential requirement by employers to their new or current employees.  The ICDL aims include:
• To raise the general level of  IT competency
• To improve work productivity
• To reduce user support costs
• To make employers invest more efficiently in IT, and
• To make sure that best practice and quality issues are understood and implemented.

The ICDL is a competency standard that is recognized through testing.  It is based on the ECDL scheme and is governed by the ECDL Foundation member over 148 countries around the world.  The ICDL exams are patterned with the ECDL Syllabus.  It covers the 7 modules such concepts of information technology, using the computer & managing files, word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation, and information & communication.

The ICDL benefits the individual as well as employers in the end. The world is fast changing and you need to keep abreast with the changes.  Show competency in your skills and widen your career path.  

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