One of the major components that make up the Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional is the Windows Vista.  Windows Vista is one of the latest OS developments that Microsoft has.  Apparently, Windows Vista has some of the more difficult sections in the certification exams.  

One of the major components that play critical is the configuration and the installation of the operating system on the system, specifically, the Windows Vista – ostensibly, there is a huge difference in installing and configuring an XP version from Vista version.  Below are some of the essential compositions of the Vista OS in the examination and certification:

a.    How to properly install your Windows Vista and upgrade your earlier OS version into Windows Vista.  This is one of the major shifts that a lot of IT people are engaging into these days.  
b.    How to properly configure your Windows Vista on your system and troubleshoot any system error after the installation of the Windows Vista particularly on the settings.
c.    How to effectively configure your Operating System against threats to security and safety.  This is one relevant aspect of Windows Vista OS that needs to be carefully studied.  
d.    How to efficiently configure your Network Connectivity using the Windows Vista.  The Vista OS has powerful features that concern the connectivity area.
e.    How to maximize the configuration of the various applications that are within the Windows Vista OS.  These features are available on all service packs version.  
f.    How to create a mechanism that that will provide optimization of the system that uses the Windows Vista operating system.  It is very well known that Vista has a super huge system requirements and specifications.  Since there is nothing that can be done about this, the only way that we can do is to maximize and optimize the usage of the system and its resources.  

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