When your works involves collecting information, it becomes hard to remember  everything.  Those information may retain in your mind 2 to 3 days, but it wouldn’t last long if new informations come in your way.  Just like in business, where there are lot of transactions that is handled every minute of the day,  an information system would be useful.

Information System is the system that collects, stores, integrates, analyzes, edits, and displays information of many types. It is the system that requires people to make it work in order to gather data records, and process activities based on the data and information provided by the organization which includes manual processes or automated processes. 

Information system is applied by businesses and other organization to solve business problems.  Users of information systems are able to view information that will aid in understanding what happened in the past and what is currently happening.  They use this information to help them decide what is going to transpire in the next hours, days and years to come.

In most organizations, the intranet service competes with e-mail, file shares, the document management system and records management.  With organization having an information system, the management of information is easier, as information are not scattered. 

Information system is your repository that hold data permanent or temporarily.  It allows you to view information and manipulate activities even before problems takes place. All it takes is.  for a clear policy on how information should be used and what they are for.

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