Internal network card power management allow computers to save power by making
it possible for users to control its activity in times when the computer is on battery
power or plugged in.  Internal network cards provide computers with network and
internetwork access to other computers inside or outside of the business organization. 
With the popularity of high speed internet, the internal network card has gained even
more popularity among computer buyers both in the home and office.

There are two types of internal netqork cards: the wired network card and the recently
introduced wireless network card.  The latter has gained popularity because of the
many hotspots available everywhere and because notebooks and laptops are
continuing to drop their prices almost everyday.  Also called the Ethernet card, the
internal network card has dominated the IT market and has now become a standard
among computer owners. the internal netwok card power management is a feature of
the component that turns off the power or minimizes the power usage whenever there
is a period of inactivity on the network. Most internal network card power
management have a "wakeup" feature that allows i to turn its power on  once there is
network traffic. It will turn itself on whether the traffic is incoming or outgoing.

Internal network cards used to occupy an expansion slot in the computer bus. Now
that internal network cards are manufactured cheaply, most newer computers have
them built-in their motherboard. This also means that, because it is already built-in,
internal netwok card power management can now be managed even before the user
has installed any operating system in his computer.  This makes it even easier to use
and manage.

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