Businesses today rely heavily on IT as their business grows.  But delivering projects
and aligning it with the organization’s IT strategies and investment are the major
concerns of many companies.  Different projects are being implemented at different
times and the goal of each one is to maximize investment, cost, efficiency and
productivity.  This is why IT management portfolio is very important in every IT

Without IT portfolio management in your project, the organization will be wasting
valuable resources in terms of performance and cost.  Maximizing the IT business
investment in order to deliver desired results is the main objective IT portfolio
management.  Aligning and managing IT portfolios will definitely enhance the
organization’s effectiveness and the quality of IT services will be improved thereby
achieving complete IT governance and management.

IT portfolio management will develop the organization’s decision-making capabilities
in every project and will help define how resources are to be managed effectively.  It
is an automated process that can identify who is accountable to what and improve the
management of every IT project.  As the organization balances the investment and
risk, decision making processes and frameworks are easily determined and an
effective governance of resources are properly tracked.

An integrated IT portfolio management can assist your company in enhancing your
business performance, unleash the opportunities for development and generate new
value using strategic innovation. The IT portfolio management includes the
disciplines of Project Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management and
Portfolio and Investment Planning.IT Project Portfolio Management gives the
framework for measuring the status of key IT initiatives all throughout the project

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