Many people, especially those new to online marketing, are asking what a landing page is.  A landing page is essentially an advertising material.  It is a single web page that seeks to capture the interest of online users to buy a product or service.  That is why it is also called a capture page.  

Through a landing page, Internet marketers generate sales leads by capturing the email addresses of prospective customers who have signed up on a form provided in the page.  The object of a landing page is to effectively convert these online sign-ups into real buyers or paying customers.  

A landing page is directly linked to an ad line displayed by search engine companies on their pages.  Advertisers usually pay the search engines for every click made on their links.  Once online users clicked on an ad link, it will be redirected to the landing page of the owner.  

The effectiveness of the landing page is measured by its conversion rate which means visitors took positive action while on it.  Once visitors signed up or purchased a service or a product, it means that the landing page has generated a successful click through.  

A transactional web page is the most common type of a landing page.  This is pure advertising material which directly pitches for a product or service.  A transactional landing page should have a sales letter, product information, and a buy now button for ease of purchase.  

Through a landing page, online marketers could boost their sales and widen their customer base.

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