The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification offers IT professionals the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills in Microsoft technologies. This is in addition to the regular knowledge and skills an IT professional has in doing his technical job.

MCITP certification is a group of credentials that highlights whatever specific area of expertise an IT professional has. It offers seven IT professional certifications such database developer, database administrator, business intelligence developer, enterprise support technician, consumer support technician, enterprise project management with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, enterprise messaging administrator, enterprise administrator and server administrator.

How to prepare for the MCITP exam?

If an IT professional has decided to further his skills in MCITP, then he must prepare for the tough exam. He has various available resources, which can be helpful. He can access these resources in the Microsoft website itself. Moreover, it also recommends other resources outside Microsoft, which means that these meet the criteria of Microsoft.

Second, an IT professional can also read published books and acquire some exam preparation kits. These are particularly helpful when an IT professional needs to understand a particular technology from other perspectives. This technology is explained in an in-depth manner and is written by known professionals in the industry. This gives the assurance that they have a reputation to maintain and will not write a book that will put their professions at risk. These books also contain practice and review questions, assessment and feedback.

An IT professional does not lack resources to use for his MCITP exam preparation. He just needs to know which ones can be useful for him.

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