The broad spectrum of Microsoft has lead the company into what it is right now – established, credible, world renowned, and globally accepted.  One of the programs that highlighted the certification area of the Microsoft company is the one that focuses on Server Administration using the Standard Query Language version x.x.  

The Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional for Standard Query Language for Server 2005 or the MCITP SQL Server 2005 is one of the leading programs of the Microsoft Company these days.  This program is concentrated in achieving the following:

a.    A focused skill and knowledge (database and server administration using SQL 2005).  This gives the IT person to have an area of concentration thus making him or her far more effective and efficient.  
b.    A ticket towards earning other certification aligned with your area of specialization. This gives you’re the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase your abilities and skills on dynamic roles.
c.    An impressive combination of MCITP skills and MCTS knowledge.  This is a killer resume to have if in case.  

Although, the end path towards having the MCITP recognition is impressively excellent, the travel towards attaining it would not be that easy and simple.  A few credentials will be required from the potential candidate.  Below are some of these requirements:

a.    Learner should have experience in handling and supervising on a daily basis the OS Server, its file and directory structure, and other OS components.  
b.    Learner should have knowledge in handling software updates and how to distribute these.  
c.    Learner should also be capable of performing run down check on the server from time to time to ensure efficient Server running.

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