What is MCP I.D.?

To be considered as Microsoft Certified Professional MCP it is important to complete at least one of the wide range of certifications in Microsoft. Getting yourself a Microsoft certification can help you get the job you want. Yes, it is possible! You can climb the corporate ladder by just having MCP certifications. Generally, companies today look for certifications that can prove your skill in managing the system. Aside from taking entrance tests in companies, this is one of the ways they can truly prove that you are worthy for the position. After qualifying and passing the MCP examination, you will be given a tracking number or an MCP I.D. You are automatically considered as one of the Microsoft Partner Program. You have to connect to a location and bring the MCP I.D by linking it to that location. Your MCP I.D. can be linked to only a single location in an organization. If you disassociate yourself to that particular organization within a program year, dont worry, the Competency will still be active up to the following anniversary date. After that you can link to another organization with the same location or if you want, you can have different location with same organization. Customized Microsoft landing pages, MCP I.D. and access to logos and certificates are just some of the great benefits of getting an MCP certification. Microsoft certification gives you various benefits in your career. Microsoft Certified Professional certification can indeed help you get your career up and running!

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