Metadata Stripping: High-impact Strategies – What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors.


Metadata is defined simply as the information about a certain data. Although there may be more sophisticated definitions available for metadata, but this very simple and concise definition already tells everything about the concept. The main purpose of creating metadata is to provide a more comprehensive description of a certain data. This will aid in facilitating better understanding, management usage, and characteristics of data. To have a better understanding of metadata, it is important that one knows the different metadata types.

The concept of metadata is divided into 3 categories: Descriptive, Administrative, and Structural. However, metadata can further be classified into 14 types. The first type is the relational database metadata which is obviously used for relational database files. This type of metadata may include data about the tables, their sizes, names, and the number of rows, and the columns available in each database. Another metadata type is the data warehouse metadata which may be seen in two separate sections: the back room and the front room. There is also the business intelligence metadata that is used in explaining on how the corporate finance is reported. General IT metadata is another type of metadata. There is also the File system metadata that is utilized for different filing systems.

Image metadata is also available and is obviously used for different image files. Audio metadata is also included, which is also an important element in many audio files. There is also the program metadata which assists the executable files. Included to the list of metadata types is the existing software metadata, document metadata, and geospatial metadata. Digital library metadata is also a type of metadata, which may be separated into three categories: descriptive, administrative, and structural. Other metadata types are the metamodels and the meta-metadata.

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