The Drupal 5.x version was released and became available in the market on January 15, 2007.  This software is considered a mature and well developed product with so many concepts and design features included on it.  Interesting to note about the Drupal 5.x version is that some of the concepts and features included on it were shared by some of the well known content management application systems.  

The Drupal 5.x version is providing translations of the whole interface package.  This is made possible by using the files that reference to portable objects.  Incidentally, these portable object files are capable of being generated by employing the GNU internationalization library and the function therein which is known as the gettext function – a translation structure used by many open source program codes.  This is one new and innovative feature that Drupal 5.x version has.  

However, one of the major drawbacks of this new feature of the Drupal 5.x translation framework is that it cannot give full guarantee that the whole language is going to be totally translated.  Although, majority of the international languages when translated are fairly and completely translated there are just some which are not being made to be completed.  The reason behind this drawback is attributed to the fact that there are some translators do not have dedicated and localized team to work on the flaws but rather a group of people who volunteered to translate the framework. This makes it rather difficult for Drupal company to make sure that translation of the framework has successfully completed because there is no specific work of a team that can be referenced to.

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