Online CRM is the shortcut term to refer to a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which may be composed of tasks like project tracking, sales and marketing support, and contact management (among others.) One brand of Online CRM software is called absoluteBUSY of which there is the AB 4.54 version. The company claims that absoluteBUSY is currently the simplest yet also the fastest among Online CRM systems on the market today.

You are supposed to install this Online CRM program called absoluteBUSY on your web-host or on the intranet/Internet server itself, meaning control over the data remains with you. Web-based software like this Online CRM program permit a user to tap into any web browser anywhere to access tasks to be finished, current and future projects, leads that you can use for your needs, customer histories, and contact lists. With web-based or Online CRM software like this, members of departments and project teams can share a centralized customer database, a project tracking tool, and an online contact manager using either the company intranet system or via the Internet itself. This means that if Employee A is in one state and Employee B is in another state, Manager A can share data with them via the Internet using the Online CRM program.

The open source software stack is the highly-scalable LAMP which may also be known as WAMP and serves as the foundation for this Online CRM program. LAMP is the acronym for Linux operating system, Apache webserver (also IIS possible), MySQL database, with PHP Language. You can use this program on the known major platforms.


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