The Project Management Body of Knowledge is an important guide to successfully pass
the Project Management certification. It is essential to help interested professionals in
enhancing their skills and providing them the concepts and standards of project
management. This includes the best practices and innovative methods to manage the

The PMBOK guide is the official book that provides the candidates a fundamental
reference. This guide cannot be considered to have all the comprehensive data needed in
project management. The PMBOK generally have the applicable and appropriate
practices in the industry. On the other hand, this does not mean that these practices are
consistently applied in each case. It is the responsibility of the project management team
to decide on the appropriate assessment to the project.

The PMBOK guide acts as the official source for anyone who wish to have a career in
project management. This guide also gives a comprehensive understanding on the basic
structures of project management. This document has nine different Project Management
Knowledge Areas such as Project Risk Management, Project Integration Management,
Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management,
Project Communications Management, Project Procurement Management, Project
Human Resource Management and Project Scope Management.

The International Organization for Standardization actually worked with PMI to create
the PMBOK guide. They also seek feedback from the project management experts and
representatives around the world to help improve and enhance the concepts, practices and
processes of the PMBOK guide. This will help project managers, practitioners and
students in updating their skills to cope with the progressing standards in the business


The Project Management Professional is one of the most comprehensive certifications
available in the business industry. This will help practitioners, students and project
managers in the development of their skills in project management. This certification
needs an extensive preparation to pass PMP exam. To meet this goal, there are tools such
as pdf files and ebooks that can help professionals and practitioners. The Project
Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK is the official book recommended by PMI
to aid students in their study. Aside from that, this is PMI’s basis in creating the Project
Management Professional certification exam.
The PMP certification is one of the most difficult certification exams. That is why
professionals must train themselves to be able to qualify for this certification. This guide
will give them the advantage in obtaining the latest concepts, standards and techniques in
project management. The PMBOK pdf has 44 fundamental processes that fall under the 9
knowledge areas and 5 process groups of project management.
The 9 knowledge areas are the following:
* Project Communications Management
* Project Time Management
* Project Integration Management
* Project Human Resource Management
* Project Scope Management
* Project Cost Management
* Project Procurement Management
* Project Quality Management
* Project Risk Management
5 process groups:
* Initiating,
* Planning,
* Executing,
* Controlling and Monitoring, and
* Closing
The PMBOK pdf can be downloaded in several sites online. Some are free and some
offer it with a minimal fee. To ensure the success in getting the certification, download
the latest documents of PMBOK pdf.

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