The Siebel High Interactivity Framework could be among the famous Siebel software applications but is the least documented. Nevertheless, the greatness of this software application made it to survive until these days. Some business enterprises are still using the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for their IE or Internet Explorer.

The High Interactivity Framework provides a high level of performance, desktop integration, and usability for the business enterprise. This application has user interface parts like the user interface elements, rich text editor, and a lot more. There is also a browser health check with this application. This can be provided through the controls included with the Siebel High Interactivity Framework. This application can be used for different Internet browsers but the most commonly partnered browser to this is the Internet Explorer.

The Internet Explorer is the Microsoft’s Internet browser. This application will enable the user to view different web pages from the Internet using its graphical user interface. The IE was introduced in 1995 and so far the most popular web browser today. Due to its popularity, many business enterprises are eyeing to this web browser for better profits. That is also the reason why there is the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE. This is to answer the need for a Siebel application which is compatible with the Internet Explorer.

More than this, there are still a lot of other features that the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE offers the users. These are the fewer pages which should be refreshed while the application is in use. It has also support for the client-side scripting and implicit commit. With these features and compatibilities, the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE proves to be a very useful application for many business enterprises.

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