The actual MCDST exam cost is just like the other Microsoft sanctioned certification exams.  Each exam module would cost $125.  Because the MCDST have 2 qualifying exam modules, a candidate would have to spend $250 for both exams.  This is the minimum expense for the certification process.  It only covers the cost of taking the exam.  There are also related expenses that will be incurred such as fees for trainings, purchase of books, and registration for simulated exams.

Typically, a book for MCDST review will cost $20 each.  This is also the general average price for the manuals, test questions, practice exams, and different MCDST study modules.  For those who are self studying, they will spend an average of $400 to $600 for the entire preparation for the MCDST certification.  This is inclusive of the cost of MCDST exams.

Expenses could be greater if one will undergo formal training and review.  Fees for trainings and related expenses could reach $1000 exclusive of the actual cost of exams.  Although more expensive, candidates for MCDST certification can get better and systematic preparation for the exam.  Training providers usually provide exclusive coaching services, one-on-one training, and excellent support services.  They can also provide free manuals, study materials and most importantly free practice exams.  This is probably the best part of any formal MCDST training.  Trainees can take advantage of supervised simulated exams which could help them during actual examinations.  That is why more and more IT professionals opt to take the training and review packages in order to ensure their success in actual MCDST exams.

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