Being a Cisco Certified Network Associate opens a wide variety of opportunities in the IT business. Being certified in networking is a must these days. That is why more and more professionals and students are taking the CCNA examination to prove employers that they have the necessary skills and knowledge in networking.

Job responsibilities:

An average work day for CCNA professionals includes support of network operations and troubleshooting the devices of customers. A Cisco Certified Network Associate is responsible for identifying the problems in configuration and resolving them. Even Network Engineers need to have CCNA certification to be able to maintain the LAN and WAN data of clients.

Troubleshooting network problems anytime, providing a 24 hour support for the customer and assisting in phone support for clients are just some of the designated work of CCNA professionals. Network Engineers also need working knowledge of Cisco Switches and Routers. Troubleshooting and networking skills are very essential in networking industry. And in any company, the ability to work independently and harmoniously with the team is also important.

An average work schedule of CCNA certified professional may vary form time to time.
Some CCNA jobs would require weekend hours, graveyard shifts and traveling. Most companies are looking for individuals who possess a broad understanding and knowledge in technical applications. That is why taking the necessary courses and tests are crucial in getting a better job in networking. To have a bright future in the IT particularly in the network industry, one must be able to pass the CCNA examination and complete the necessary certifications.


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