Drupal is a web-based interface that is easy to use. It is said that a person can build a website in one hour’s time but this are for those with a little knowledge of Drupal. A beginner could take longer time. Moreover, Drupal is being used extensively by big businesses worldwide such as Google, Yahoo, and even universities such as Harvard. Drupal is not just for individual use, it can also be used for Drupal groups such as clubs and associations for calendars and community events.

Why does members prefer Drupal group?

Drupal group is free and an open source. It rolls out new versions when the user group needs them. A group of users can easily publish, manage and organize various contents on a website. Moreover, it has many free themes and modules and a massive user community that is supportive.

One of the special features of Drupal group is that it can provide a set of simple constraints. For example, a community blogging website can be set up. If this group wants certain contents of their website to be accessible to certain members and also not to the general public, then Drupal group can be of big assistance.

Drupal group also allows members of the community to create their own groups. It is very flexible and has again an added bonus feature: content can be controlled based on group membership. This is done by enabling Organic Groups and then the Access Control, which is in the settings page.

Drupal group is a convenient software that can be used by community blogging website because it can control the contents to be viewed and who can view these contents.

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