You might have had your first contact with a call center agent when you had to call the Directory Assistance of a local telephone company to get a listed contact number.  Or, when there is something wrong with your computer, your Internet connection or even the remote control of your satellite TV, you would need to speak with a technical support agent. These are just some sample scenarios so that you would have a deeper understanding of the nature of the job of call center agents. In almost every type of business, there is a need to have a medium by which customers can contact them for technical support, customer service questions and general inquiries about the products or services that they offer. This is where a call center agent comes in.

Basically, call center agents accept incoming calls or make outgoing calls to customers. These two types of calls are termed as inbound and outbound. The nature of the calls can be in the form of telemarketing, sales, customer service, technical support or billing. Aside from phone calls, the customer’s inquiries can also come in the form of e-mails, and call center agents also answer these. In this type of job, a person needs to cope up with irate callers, shifting schedules as well as a substantial amount of work pressure. To have a thriving career as a call center agent, you need to be articulate and competent about navigating through a number of software applications. Finally, a healthy dose of motivation and knowing how to build rapport with customers in each call would make you one of the best in the industry.


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