Network file management enables an effective network file distribution system in the
company. This helps in securing file transfers, auditing and tracking files.  With all the
threats and risks in security, companies should gear up by using additional tools in
protecting network systems.  These days it is important to have an automated data
delivery and have remote program to help in the implementation of a proper network
system.  In the olden days, FTP was a standard for file distribution and transfers.  But this
method posed a sever threat in security and reliability.  Getting a network file
management system for the company solved this problem because it offered a better and
more secure solution to file transfers, tracking and monitoring.

Network management is an essential part of any business. Without proper management, it
will be hard to maintain and detect early signs of network threats and the consequences of
having an unsecured network can be devastating for any company. Through network file
management, data integrity conditions and data privacy are implemented in company’s
network system.  This assures the company that any security threats are controlled and
mitigated. With its ability to audit a comprehensive file transfer summary, organizations
can track down files and identify any inaccuracy in file transfers and reviewed for proper
action within the network file management software or from any other compatible office

With a network file management software implemented in a company’s network, many
of the common tasks are automated and the interface is very familiar with the most
common applications available today.

The software employed in Network Inventory Management is crucial to development of strong network
management architecture. This software may incorporate tools that help in the planning, the design, and
the life-cycle management of the network assets.

It is the job of the Information Technology staff to assess network inventory systems to glean data on
which to take action – specifically, data that may boost network management operations and help create
functional network asset control systems.

One reason that networks steadily become more complicated to use is that e-business concerns keep
changing so the affected organization has to amend various communication technologies, as well as the
various kinds of vendor equipment. This gives rise to inventory management systems that are knowledge
based (meaning, the software itself is knowledge based.) Such software must be able to determine the
right network elements; supply perspectives about logical plus physical aspects of the network; monitor
network changes; as well as supply the right documentation for every part of the network.

Any well-made network inventory management system can permit both the client company and the
network inventory management system developer to more effectively engage in the design, the
documentation, the cataloguing, and the management of networks, as they see fit.

Actually, network asset management should be considered an integral aspect of the network management
architecture. This should be determined at the outset of the network planning process onwards. It is also
important to remember that one vendor solution may be appropriate for the needs of one company yet
not apt for that of another company.

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