What is the True Essence of Customer Service?

Thank you for calling (Company/Product Name) customer service. You are speaking with (Agent Name). How may I be of help today? You may have heard this opening statement a couple of times when you dialed the customer support line for a particular product that you have purchased or a service that you have subscribed to. Assurance of help is always present on every call, making room for a friendly atmosphere that even an angry soul surely cant resist.

Yes, customers indeed have different needs and profiles. You may encounter one who is very pleasant, yet another one may be irate. Some are confused and have a lot of questions, while some are straightforward and demand immediacy that they want answers pretty quick. It is the customer service representatives role to adjust his or her manner of speaking by uttering power words or lines that will help pacify the caller. What separates the good from the great customer support agents is their passion for work. A good one may just meet the needs of the caller that is of course expected of him or her. However, a great customer service agent will go a long way and extend extra mile just to exceed customer satisfaction.

It really does not matter if support may come through phone, email, or live chat or any other support media. What matters is that after every interaction, the customer is pleased and puts a smile on his or her face. It is a must to meet or even exceed customers expectations to ensure continued patronage and at the same time, enhance the level of satisfaction. This is what customer service is all about.


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