Great question – The details for the value proposition will be different for every client as this is a highly personal question and the answer depends on the maturity of your organization and the experience you have with assessments and audits.

However, in general the value of the Self Assessment lies in the fact that the granularity of the questions will help to guide the team towards a single focus for the implementation of a topic.

In other words: Purchasing a The Art of Service Self Assessment will spur new ideas, fast track project strategy and advance your professional skills. We’ve developed a set of criteria that will aid in gaining approval and give you the ability to validate and review your Self-Assessment investment

Each questionnaire has a few hundred questions. Some are standard process related questions that are appropriate for the topic, other questions are specifically written for the topic at hand.

Each Self Assessment Questionnaire follows the same structure – the 7 phases:

Phase 1: Recognize the value

Phase 2: Define what this topic means within the context of our business

Phase 3: Measure how we currently manage this topic

Phase 4: Analyze our findings

Phase 5: Improve the processes and implementation

Phase 6: Control the deliverables and results

Phase 7: Sustain the practices into the future

Once you’ve answered the questions that apply to your situation, you will see in the graphs where your implementation focus should be and where there is low hanging fruit. By naming the participants you can also clearly identify the team members with most knowledge about the way this topic is currently managed in the company.

After that you can check the auto-generated RACI diagram with the action steps for the next 60 – 90 days to ensure your improvement project hits the ground running.

For more information on the Self Assessments and a full overview of the available topics, go to