Have you thought bout experimenting on your Operating Systems without having to cause damage on it? How would you go about doing it, anyway?  Well, despair no more because there is a new technology that you can use to allow experimenting on your Operating Systems on a seeming different machine called the virtual machine.  This technology is called the virtualization. 

Virtualization is a technical term that is widely used in the computing world to refer to computer resources being abstracted or in very common term virtually created for the end-users.  It may be highly technical to describe but in a very simple manner, virtualization is trying to create or in some point replicate another resource on a virtual or a make-believe environment. 

Virtualization as a technology is not actually a new thing.  In fact, it has been widely used since the early 60’s.  Its wide array of application has been manifested on virtual networking, stand-alone environment, or peer-to-peer.  Virtualization actually happens by encapsulating the resources from its original source. 

The technology of virtualization happens in varied forms and contexts.  The more common of which is the platform virtualization which directly involves the process of simulating the whole resources of the computer – the devices, the application software, the operating systems.  The other one is a lot more fragmented in nature because it basically involves simulating a portion or a combination of resources.  This technology is called the resource virtualization. 

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