When it comes to defining the most significant metrics in Unique Visitors, Visits or Sessions and Page View, the Web Analytics Association Standards Committee has a say on it. WAASC identifies the three metrics as the key components in the foundation of web analytics. So to make it simple, the WAASC has the power to finalize whatever standards will be set that deem to be beneficial to the analytics community. Then, the WAASC was able to come up with the definition framework overview of the three the terms known as counts, ratios and key performance indicator or KPI. • Count is defined as the most basic unit of measurement which is also a single number. So a whole number of visits for instance can be equaled to visits= 12,797. • Ratio is identified as the count divided by a count. However, for the record the ratio can be employed as either a count or a ratio over the position of the denominator or the numerator. Usually the answer is not a whole number. Also since it is a ration the term “per” is normally used. So in ratio you can say “Page Views per Visit.” • Key Performance Indicator or KPI can be either both a ratio and a count. However, it is sometimes considered as a ratio. KPI is inculcated with business methods this is why an appropriate KPI can be different depending on the site and the type of process. The Web Analytics Association Standards Committee came up with terms like the mentioned above to set a standard that will all be beneficial to the analytics community and at the same time capacity of the business marketing to be efficient and lucrative as well.

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