The Cisco CCNA CCNP certifications come in handy when one needs to prove his knowledge and skills in Cisco products. Passing the exams surely would be good enough to get certified as Cisco associates and professionals. And having such certifications make him marketable in the IT profession.

Many IT professionals crave to possess the Cisco CCNA CCNP certifications to get better work opportunities. They also aim to get certified to get better and higher salaries. Well, they certainly can get certified if they try hard enough. There are many resources for review materials. One can find them in IT schools and they can find many in the internet.  The internet has many sites that offer CCNA and CCNP courses, review packages and even boot camps. One can also get CCNA CCNP simulators to be better prepared for the exams.

All one has to do is get certified as a CCNA first. This is valid up to 3 years.  Then one can go on and get certified as a CCNP. The CCNP certification is valid up to 3 years too so one would have to revalidate his certification then. He also has the choice to get CCIE certified.

Well, the Cisco career certifications are here for a reason. They provide a ensign for IT personnel who demonstrate skills in QoS, broadband, VPNs and Cisco products.  And the exams for these certifications are not very easy to pass. That is why having Cisco CCNA CCNP certifications really is important for IT professionals. They need a badge to show their employers that they indeed possess the skills that these employers are looking for. When they see this they would be willing to pay for the worth of the skills these professionals possess.

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