In business industries nowadays, the skill to direct the company’s IT functions and align
it with the organization’s goals and objectives are very important. And one way of
accomplishing that mission is to implement IT governance.  In a business, IT governance
can help you in directing and controlling the IT activities and functions. This will let you
align and support your company’s tactical objectives. The organizational structure,
leadership and operation procedures are utilized to control the resources in IT, implement
alignment, manage the risks, maintain and administer performance.

One of the ways to have better governance is to start and establish accountability in the
organization. Assessment of roles and responsibilities is necessary for the process
especially in dealing with decision making which can affect the accomplishment of
business objectives. Making decisions is an essential element in any organization. And
one of the fundamental decisions in IT Governance is how to create and utilize an
individual’s available time.

IT Governance will allow you to line up the daily functions through the strategic goals
and influence people in to carry out the assigned tasks that can actually affect the goals
by interconnecting tasks to the process, information technology, function/activity and
business goals. Processes are determined to manage the activities in IT in such a way that
it is expected to be. Creating methods and ways to better govern go beyond any process
or technology. The intention is to incorporate discipline and responsibility in these
processes to achieve control in strategic goals.

The task of being the Director of Information Technology Governance is responsible for
the general governance of processes and management of Information Technology in a
company. The technology governance involves in determining the service level and
stable scoreboard measurement criteria that will help in implementing the IT missions
and goals, cost/ budget recovery management, demand management, IT tactical
management and change management.

An Information Technology Governance Director should give administrative support that
consists of contact administration, IT portfolio and asset management, IT procedures
development and employee evaluations. The tasks of IT Governance Director are not
easy, that is why leadership skilll is important in this job.

The IT Governance Director maintains and develops processes, procedures and policies
to effectively support governance in IT. The Director is in charge of providing strategy in
in budget management, report and assessment of the team. In this job it is important to
maintain contact administration and IT asset portfolio. This includes facilitating Demand
Management procedures and organizes the tasks in change management.

This position performs as the point of contact for the IT Vendor and facilitates its
administration. One of the important duties of IT Governance Director is to review the
financial investment and operation expenses of the company. Also in this job working
with different people is very typical. It is essential for a Director in IT Governance to
effectively work with other groups, department and employees. This job requires a good
management expertise and flexibility to work with people in various levels.


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