There are a lot of reasons that can be given why people are up to obtaining certification.  There are also a countless reason that be enumerated why people are up to gaining education and expertise about software specifically that of Microsoft. However, the fundamental and the driving force behind all these reasons is finding and having the best job that will suit every person’s need based on compensation and development.  

So, are there really good jobs awaiting any Microsoft Certification Information Technology Professional?  Are they really well compensating?  Are there promised growth and development in terms of career development?

Basically, there are really jobs that are in store for people who are able to acquire MCITP.  These jobs are practically very compensating and promise growth and development.  Below are some of the jobs that you can get and choose from:

a.    Business Intelligence Developer.  This job requires the use of extensive knowledge in Standard Query Language Server and other related database servers.  This is basically focused in creating strategies and plans to help a company achieve business productivity.  
b.    Desktop Support Technician.  When you have the skills to troubleshoot desktop in general, you can actually land a job as support technician for desktops.  This is a well compensating job, more so, when you do some freelance jobs.
c.    Applications and Windows Vista Technician.  You can have a job in installing and configuring operating systems such as the Windows Vista.  

These are just some of the jobs that are waiting for you to explore them.  They are not only very brain appetizing that fees your hungry desire to learn and explore but they are also very well compensating.

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