What kinds of ITIL training programs are available?

A closer look at the various certification, training, e-learning materials, and packages out there for ITIL

When people think about ITIL they often only focus on the latest addition or volume of the text to be released; which at the time of this writing is ITIL 2011. But there are several different types of ITIL packages for intrepid IT professionals to choose from; each with its own purported purpose and benefits.By and large, most people are prone to seek out ITIL because they are looking to become certified in it.  This move toward ITIL certification is primarily motivated by a desire to either meet with current standards or to secure/enhance one’s career possibilities.  As you are no doubt already aware, a great number of today’s businesses are completely reliant on the technological services that IT is responsible for constructing, ensuring and delivering.   In fact, without their computers, systems and networks, none of today’s businesses would be even be able to carry out daily operations, much less excel in any way.

The point is, the services that IT delivers are more important than ever before, this is largely the reason why ITIL is of particular interest to business-minded groups (and individuals).   Through the administration of ITIL, IT personnel and assets can be repositioned and even re-imagined to produce more beneficial results.

What is ITIL?

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the most up-to-date collection of methods and proven processes for IT in existence; designed for ITSM in particular (IT service management).  What this means is that all of the techniques, processes, solutions and concepts that have been used or created over the years are included in ITIL.  Likewise, the ruling authorities presiding over ITIL do not make any distinction about where their information or processes are coming from; their only concern is in functionality and results.  What this means is that public, private and academic findings and research will all make their way into the current version of the ITIL.What does ITIL do / seek to do?  ITIL is principally concerned with helping organizations run their internal operations; meaning, the systems that facilitate the business process.  Additionally, ITIL is also great at giving institutions the capability to better align their actual IT capabilities with real business goals and strategies.

In other words, ITIL is able to create a bridge between technological assets / personnel and ruling business interests and the desires of the entire company.
ITIL 2011
ITIL 2011 is the most recent volume of ITIL to be released.  The latest edition is really just an update to ITIL V3, whereby some necessary additions have been made and terminologies across multiple volumes has been addressed and rectified.  In the ITIL 2011 category there are training + certification packages in abundance.  Many of these also feature practice exams that students can use in preparation for the real certification test.

ITIL training options

ITIL Foundation
ITIL foundation is (basically) exactly what its name implies; a solid foundation in ITIL 2011.  This is such a broad subject; while foundation training might not be able to fully expose students to all the intricacies inherent in ITIL, it can certainly provide you with more than enough information in order to become a useful team member (where ITIL is concerned).  Additionally, many people will go on to become certified in ITIL foundation; employers love seeing this qualification on a resume’ too.ITIL IntermediateITIL Intermediate and Expert
Not everyone who approaches ITIL is new to the world of professional IT work; there are a large number of administrators, service managers and system managers / specialists who will also periodically update their ITIL knowledge.   At some point it may become apparent to veteran IT workers, managers or experts that they would do well to absorb everything that ITIL has to offer; this is why the Intermediate and expert pathway packages where created.  To simply say that a dense tome of information like the ITIL expert pathway package is comprehensive is a bit of an understatement.  Virtually everything you could ever want to know about ITIL is including in such a package; including lifecycle management.

If you’re ready to energize your knowledge base and career, ITIL training is one of the most sensible ways to do it.  Not only will certification and training in ITIL give you more authority on the job it will also help ensure that you remain relevant in a changing technological marketplace.  Click here to find an online course and/or certification program that’s right for you.

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