As we are faced with problems at work, we are at loss as what should be done and how. Some organizations resort help from outside that is best to handle their situation. Service providers in Knowledge management are available to help organization in finding solutions in their knowledge management. Knowledge Management service providers include in their web sites case study of their clients. This is to give prospective organizations an idea of how knowledge management is in some companies. It also gives readers an idea of how their company has handled knowledge management of certain companies.

Knowledge management case study presents the situation and tries to provide the solutions and strategies. In most cases, the objectives of case study knowledge managements include:

1. Establishment of an organisational culture where there is value sharing of information 2. Build a knowledge framework where knowledge of the Corporate – Workgroup information is recorded. 3. Develop an information behavior where in managers encourage its employees of sharing information 4. Provide extensive use of knowledge enabled -workplaces- 5. Develop innovative approach in managing email and electronic recordkeeping. This is done through shared deiscussion forums. 6. to provide high IT resources to improve application in business processes.

With knowldege management case study, organization begins to realize the benefits of what knowledge management will do to their company. The case study will give light to organizations that solutions are not justgiven out but strategies to handle situation relating to your employees as well.


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