Some veteran IT professionals and new entrants to the IT industry are wondering what could be the best MCSE path to take in securing certifications for both Windows 2000 operating platforms and Windows Server 2003 Systems.  The MCSE certification for these operating systems provides technical skills upgrade and a sure boost in the IT credentials of systems engineers and IT experts.

For those who have previous MCSE certification on Windows NT environment, certification upgrades to the Windows 2000 technologies is necessary.  This is due to the fact that Microsoft will phase out its technologies below the Windows 2000 environments.  Phase out of previous versions of Windows will also entail necessary technical skills upgrade in order to seamlessly migrate to Windows 2000 operating and server systems. 

For new MCSE entrants, it is recommended by some IT experts to first secure MCSE certification and qualification in Windows NT technologies especially in Windows server exchange and TCP/IP networking protocols and intranet security.  Taking MCSE certification for NT technologies will greatly ease the exam preparation for MCSE windows 2000 environments.  It is believed that Microsoft will implement actual systems engineering simulated exams.  Knowing the basics of the previous operating and server systems, IT professionals can easily grasp engineering concepts and systems of currently utilized server environments.

These MCSE paths to Windows 2000 certifications can guide current MCSE professionals and aspiring MCSEs in their bid to upgrade their credentials and skills qualifications.  A Microsoft certified professional can have a definite advantage over others who does not hold similar credential and certification.

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